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Hi! Welcome to Letterbox Facials, I’m so excited you’re here!


I’m Cindy Woodward, and for over 25 years my mission has been to empower people to feel more confident in their own skin.


During the 2020 lockdown when salon doors were forced to close I created Letterbox Facials, purely to help my existing clients keep up the good work on their skin and take some much-needed time for themselves. As an expert facialist and no-nonsense mindset coach both these things go hand in hand in my bricks and mortar salon.


It proved to be a lifesaver not only for my clients’ skin, but also their overall wellbeing. The general feeling of community and connection combined with lots of giggles created something more powerful than I could ever have imagined. 


When we eventually reopened and could carry out treatments in person, many people wanted to carry on their Letterbox Facials for various reasons :


·   Less expensive

·   No childcare or transport to enable time to go for a salon facial

·   Feeling intimidated at the thought of going into a salon environment

·   Work changing shift patterns so can’t easily book in advance 

·   Simply being overwhelmed with how to start a simple skincare routine

This is when I decided to create "The Letterbox Facials Collective" – a place for those who wish to subscribe to monthly at home facials, and who want to learn how to look after their skin whilst prioritising some time for themselves.


My passion and ethos as a facialist has always been to offer results-driven treatments, whilst showing you how to simply achieve and maintain healthy radiant skin enabling you to feel confident in your own skin… quite literally!

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Letterbox Facials - Image 1
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